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You love music and would like to find friends to share your photos and videos with. And maybe find new friends to join your next concert. On ZezaMee you can also chat with your music friends.


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Since you love music and to go to concerts and festivals it should be easy to buy concert tickets and to book your hotel stay. On ZezaMee this is easy to do through our partnership with Ticketmaster and Hotelscombined.

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What our extensive research say among concert and festival visitors is that it is important to be able to plan your concert and easily keep track of tickets and to follow up on concerts you’ve been to. On ZezaMee this is an important feature.

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Since ZezaMee is a totally Music Community you are also able to listen to streamed music if you are a premium customer to Spotify. A player built by ZezaMee for your convenience. Don’t wait to try this!

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ZezaMee® is a new community for music lovers. Join us and enter a world filled with the latest news about your favorite artists and bands. Share your latest photos from concerts and other fun things. Meet and connect with friends and see what they share & read our blog all about music. You can also check out Top Lists, read The Music Magazine and search for your favorite artists & bands to listen to a song or check their concert setlist. Or why not book your next music adventure with ZezaMee®? Book tickets, flights, hotels and more quick and easy with us. Share your ideas and see other members on our Forum. Open ZezaMee® to do all this and so much more. Don’t miss out – turn the key to your new world of music and register now!

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