Bryan Adams in Stockholm

April 22, 2022 | Blog | 0 comments

So happy it hurts tour

Today we went to the First big show !!! since 2019. Finally we can go to concerts!! We saw Bryan Adams at Avicci Arena. This felt big! He made one of my favourites all time songs Run to you. Bryan is also a photographer and thats why he´s a little special to me. You can see some of his work here : Bryan

Brian also wrote the songs; Summer of 69´, All I do I do for you, Heaven Please forgive me, Cuts like a knife, 18 til I die, Have you ever loved a woman among others. The album Reckless is the best and came out 1984 with the songs , Summer of´69 and Run to you.  A lot of great songs was made 1984. I was 14 years old this year (almost the whole year) and totally into music by then. Bon Jovi´s first album came out 1984! Their best 🙂 The show was amazing and he really is a great singer. He sang a’capella for the whole Globe and it was amazing! He did some unplanned songs selected by the audience some better than others. He has many songs to pick from and maybe didn´t remember them fully, but I like that he did´t anyway.   A guy got up on stage, he was so happy! Fun to see 🙂 The band was great but a bit boring. The backdrop with images and films was very nice and i wouldn´t expected less from a photographer 🙂

Dont forget you can watch our concerts on Youtube ZezaMee

Yes Im happy that I saw him!

Stay safe

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